API Integrations

You can provide a more seamless onboarding experience for your new hire with an API Integration.
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What is an API Integration?

API stands for "Application Programming Interface." It allows different apps and systems to work together by sending information back and forth in various ways.

Benefits of an API Integration


Streamline the employee experience

Automated onboarding workflows allow for easier and faster processes. 

Pre-built solution

APIs are pre-built and ready for integration, meaning there is minimal development work and you can get started quickly.

Reduce your HR team workload

Access the information you need within the HR system you use every day, saving you time and unnecessary extra steps.

Help improve security

The more seamless transfer of information means you don’t need separate data files, which helps reduce your exposure to data risk.

API Integrations with HCM and ATS platforms

Equifax is continuing to build API Integrations with HCM's and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms that can help you and your team streamline and help automate your current onboarding process. If you don't see it here, watch for a lot more coming soon!


More easily connect a wide range of HR solutions into Workday's existing ecosystem - with less time and cost of building the IT infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud HCM

Simplify your onboarding process by removing manual work for your HR team and reducing their workload.


Review our checklist to see if an API solution might be the right choice to help support your employee onboarding experience.


Listen to an entry level explanation of APIs and how they can help HR teams be more efficient.

Best Practices

Overview of what APIs are and how they can help you improve your employee experience.