Remote Employee Onboarding Checklist

Make onboarding remote employees easier with an HR checklist filled with tips for helping handle new remote hires.


  • Give remote employees organizational information they can more easily digest on their own time.
  • Schedule daily check-ins with your new hire either with yourself or between co-workers.
  • Arrange meetings with other teams to give an overview of how departments are structured and how they interact.
  • Make your work-from-home, vacation, and time-off policies clearer and more easily accessible.

Offer Support

  • Make the hiring process easier by using a remote software solution, like I-9 Anywhere®.
  • Be open about company projects to allow for collaboration across departments.
  • Make remote employees part of the culture by including them whenever possible and offering branded merch.
  • Schedule virtual lunch or coffee meetings between co-workers to give them a chance to interact.


  • Conduct onboarding surveys to see how the process is going and how it can be improved.
  • Make sure team leaders have the tools to help coach new employees based on their individual needs.
  • Set goals and expectations early so new hires know if they’re on the right track.


Help verify Form I-9 for remote employees on time and in person with our nationwide network of trained I-9 completers.