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Webinar: Hearing From Our Reps: Tips To Help You Improve Your Unemployment Hearing Outcomes

Participating in an unemployment hearing requires both time and expertise, and outcomes are often difficult to predict. Each case involves a number of variables based on separation type, circumstances, and state unemployment laws. The research, review, document evaluation, and witness preparation can be time consuming and confusing—and that’s before you even attend the hearing itself. 

Listen to our webinar to hear tips from a panel of actual hearing reps on what you might expect, how you can better prepare, and what to try and avoid to help you improve your chance of winning. You will discover more about: 

  • Determining when to protest or appeal an unemployment case decision, including the types of separations where you may have a better chances to win
  • Preparing for the hearing, including determining relevant witnesses and gathering needed documentation
  • Understanding the hearing procedure itself, including the role of each participant, admitting evidence, cross examination, and hearing etiquette