I-9s for Today's HR, Onboarding in a Virtual World

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Presented December 16, 2020

Today’s workforce is more complex than ever. The “rise of the remote workforce” has been one of the leading narratives in the HR space over the last several years. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has further accelerated the trend, and it’s likely that the country’s work landscape will look very different from here forward, turning remote work from an exception into the “norm.” Form I-9 can present unique challenges to HR managing employees working in different locations. 

In this webinar we share:

  • Insight on some of the temporary Form I-9 guidance related to COVID-19
  • Key considerations for management of Section 2, now and in the future
  • A brief demo of the I-9 Anywhere® service to see how technology and trained completers can help you get a handle on your I-9s, even when you can’t be in-person     

View the webinar now.