I-9 Enforcement on the Rise: Learn How to Help Prevent a Costly Surprise Webinar

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October 10, 2019

Valuable Insights to Help Simplify and Complete Your I-9 Process

Federal worksite enforcement efforts are sweeping across the nation with no signs of slowing down. Organizing logistics to complete Section 2 where HR is not present can pose even more risk - making it essential for you to take pre-emptive measures sooner than later.

Want to help leave your I-9 worries behind? View our informative webinar hosted by I-9 specialists from Equifax Workforce Solutions, as we help you navigate a better path to completing your I-9s more accurately.

What will you gain by viewing our webinar?

  • Insight on current federal I-9 requirements and enforcement strategies.
  • Highlights of the hidden pitfalls in completing I-9 correctly.
  • Practical recommendations to help reduce the burden of getting I-9s done right, on-time, and in-person, PLUS a brief demo of the award winning I-9 Anywhere service.

Discover how the right technology can help you to better meet I-9 requirements just about anywhere, anytime!