Reemployment Services - What is outplacement and what are the benefits?

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Outplacement services are an employer-provided benefit, often a part of a termination package, to help laid-off employees transition to a new job or career. Reemployment services engage employees to help improve skills needed when job searching, such as updating resumes and cover letters, navigating job boards, interviewing, networking, and more. 

By utilizing a robust reemployment program, companies may be able to help offset some of the costs associated with layoffs that most businesses consider inevitable. There are both monetary and cultural benefits to implementing an outplacement services program at your organization:
  • Help reduce unemployment costs
  • Help bolster morale
  • Applies control to help with unemployment claims management
  • Improves brand sentiment
  • The right thing to do
Download this whitepaper to gain a better understanding of outplacement services and its benefits