Worksite Enforcement Efforts Make I-9 Compliance Essential White Paper

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On the surface, Form I-9 compliance seems simple —upon hiring individuals, employers need to make sure every employee completes a Form I-9 confirming their employment eligibility. However, a Form I-9 inspection is often much more comprehensive than HR professionals anticipate, with investigators examining a variety of documents in addition to the I-9s. Due to the sheer scope of the documentation required, notice of an I-9 investigation can completely disrupt an HR department, resulting in lost time and productivity. I-9 investigations can also be costly for employers if violations are found. Learn more about what to expect during an I-9 audit and steps you can take to help your organization better prepare. Get the white paper to learn:

  • Why worksite enforcement matters
  • What occurs during a Form I-9 inspection
  • The challenges and risks posed of Form I-9 errors
  • Steps to take to better prepare for a Form I-9 audit