Candidate Verification Summary

Receive an instant comparison of a candidate-stated application matched to verified employment data from The Work Number®.

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Quickly identify omissions and know when further candidate follow-up is needed with the At-a-Glance display.
Equifax Pre-Employment Verification document at a glance view
realize faster decision making in your hiring process

Verified Employment Data from The Work Number

Provides an instant comparison of a candidate-stated application matched
​​​​to verified employment data from
The Work Number.

At-a-Glance Display

Get an instant summary of a candidate’s tenure to quickly identify where candidate follow-up is needed.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrated

Leverages Applicant Tracking System (ATS) background screening APIs.*

*Candidate Verification Summary is available by integration for SAP® SuccessFactors®, Workday®, and Jobvite®.

why use candidate verification summary 

Identify Inconsistencies Quickly

Our At-a-Glance view helps identify inconsistencies and omissions quickly, making the summary easier to consume.*

Fill Roles More Quickly with the Right Candidate

Employers can quickly identify where further candidate follow-up is needed.

Make Better Informed Hiring Decisions

A holistic view of the candidate allows you to make more informed hiring decisions.

*While this report is considered a consumer report, the recipient acknowledges and agrees that it is not to be used as a decision point. This document is a summary of information from the Work Number and information submitted by the candidate. To make a final decision on the candidate, you should review the full Verification of Employment, which is attached hereto, and leverage that report for any adverse action.

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