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The driving force behind the success of your organization is your people - and the support they need to help be successful starts with you and your team. We’re bringing together Workforce Solutions employer compliance services with the PeopleHQ portal, an enhanced, people-first approach combined with industry-leading security.

The Latest on Form I-9 Guidance: What You Need to Know

Listen in on our webinar for the latest on the new Form I-9 and the changes to virtual inspection requirements.

HR is at the heart of it all

When your HR team has what they need to be more successful, you can take the time to help your people grow, stay more engaged, and better drive your business forward. We made PeopleHQ just for you.
PeopleHQ™ Helps You
Discover a more seamless experience for your HR teams with only one login, but so many benefits. 

Cloud-Based Technology and Industry-Leading Security

Leverage industry leading security and enable easier integrations into your workflows, ATS, HRIS, and payroll systems.

Self-Service Capabilities

Manage users, locations, and more with enhanced self-service functionality. 

Task-Driven Dashboards and Integrated Support

Take action with task-driven dashboards to help guide your workflow and leverage integrated support.

Employee Management

Gain the bigger picture with PeopleHQ’s employee management tool, helping you see your employee’s information across services.

Brand Customization

Create a more customized experience with the ability to upload your organization’s logo and brand color. 

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Manage your Workforce Solutions employer compliance services in one place, while leveraging cloud-native technology, enhanced self-service capabilities, and industry leading security.

HR Compliance Solutions within PeopleHQ

Stay more connected with your Equifax Workforce Solutions headquarters. Services available now or coming soon within PeopleHQ.

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