Talent Report™ Employment

Gain the greater flexibility and transparency you need when conducting Pre-hire Employment Verifications.

Make More Informed Decisions

Pre-hire Employment Verifications help you know more about candidates up front to further enhance your ability to make more informed hiring decisions.

A Suite of Pre-Hire Employment Verification Solutions Designed with You in Mind

Pre-hire employment verifications, powered by The Work Number® provides background screeners and employers instant, 24/7 access to more accurate employment information. Our Talent Report™ Employment suite of solutions helps validate employment history and current status, and helps identify applicant discrepancies such as omitted positions, tenure, job titles, and more – helping enable evidence-based hiring decisions, increase speed to hire, and improve retention.

BENefits of talent report services
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Gain Increased Flexibility

Search candidate history by time-frame or by a specified number of recent employers with access to instant reports delivered 24/7 with real-time candidate date.
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Make More Informed Hiring Decisions

SSN search functionality provides a more holistic candidate view for helping to make better informed hiring decisions with the ability to review tenure and help you detect any inconsistencies.
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Receive Greater Transparency

Fulfillment based pricing helps make it easier to better manage costs incurred when verifying employ
aspects of employment history often overlooked
Omitted Positions

Candidates often omit irrelevant or early positions, such as summer lifeguard duty. But our reports let you see if they've omitted a string of short tenures.

Job Stretching

It's possible that a prospect will claim a managerial or supervisory role they didn't hold. Finding discrepancies in this area can help you avoid regrettable hires.

Time Gaps

Inaccurate job dates could mean gaps between jobs are being hidden or the length of service is being misrepresented.

Help Fight the High Cost of Employee Turnover.

A more accurate picture of employment history can help you hire employees who are likely to stay longer.

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Active and historic employment records¹


Average employment history records returned per candidate²


Fulfillment rate of verifications to date³
¹The Work Number, Oct 2023
²The Work Number, April 2023
³Equifax, 2023

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Powered by The TotalVerify™ Data Hub

The Talent Report Employment suite of solutions is part of the TotalVerify data hub from Equifax. TotalVerify provides employers and background screeners quicker access to differentiated datasets — helping support a more complete and informed view of candidates and helping enable evidence-based decision-making, better risk assessment, and information verification.


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