Form I-9 Fines Increased for 2021

Form I-9 mistakes are more common than you might think and fines can add up quickly. Penalties for Form I-9 violations have just increased for 2021.


New Form I-9 Fines Assessed After October 18, 2021 

Form I-9 fines for violations have increased for 2021. The new penalties will be effective for penalties assessed after October 18, 2021 whose associated violations occurred after November 2, 2015.

Substantive/Uncorrected Technical Violation I-9 Fines:

  • Minimum fine per individual increased from $234 to $237
  • Maximum fine per individual increased from $2,332 to $2,360

Knowing Hire/Continuing to Employ Fines:

  • First offense increased from $583 – $4,667 to $590 – $4,722
  • Second offense increased from $4,667 – $11,665 to $4,722 – $11,803
  • Third offense + increased from $6,999 – $23,331 to $7,082 – $23,607

Paper I-9s Could Pose a Risk

Fines can add up quickly if you’re making mistakes and Form I-9 mistakes are more common than you might think. Although the Form I-9 has only two pages to complete, it contains a lot of opportunities for error. With our suite of I-9 Management services, we know firsthand how even the most thoughtful HR practitioner can sometimes miss a detail or mark a section incorrectly. Learn about some of the most common (and surprising) pitfalls we’ve seen and see how you can better help to avoid mistakes before they create problems! Download the infographic today.