The Complex State of State E-Verify Mandates

E-Verify state requirements can be confusing. More than 20 states have implemented an E-Verify mandate for employers and those laws are frequently changing.

E-Verify State Requirements Can Be Tricky

E-Verify state requirements can be very difficult for HR to track and can also lead to potential regulatory concerns. At the  federal level, the E-Verify program is largely voluntary, but more than 20 states have implemented an E-Verify mandate for employers and those laws are frequently changing.

For example, many state laws mandate E-Verify use across the board, or by a particular employer category. But others require E-Verify use for organizations based on whether they do business with a state or work pursuant to a covered state contract. And then there are a few state laws with a blended approach – providing organizations with the option to either use E-Verify or maintain copies of work authorization documents.

While some of these laws might lack teeth (in terms of enforcement), there are others which call for penalties, fines, or even public posting of known violators on their web sites. In light of these almost constantly changing and often-complex E-Verify requirements, employers should make a coordinated effort to successfully manage their I-9 and E-Verify obligations with both federal AND state rules in mind. 

Watch our video to learn more about what your organization can do to help stay on the right track, as well as hear details on a recent update to Pennsylvania's E-Verify requirements which could dramatically increase the potential fines.


Get Help with E-Verify

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