Have the Election Results Impacted Employers' ACA Compliance Strategy?

Have the Election Results Impacted Employers’ ACA Compliance Strategy? Despite the results of the presidential election, only 3% of employers surveyed have put their ACA compliance strategy on hold until additional guidance is provided, according to a recent poll conducted by Equifax during a webinar: Piecing Together ACA: Reporting, Subsidy Appeals, and Employee Education. In addition, 62% of respondents say their ACA strategy has not changed or they are still moving forward as planned for 2016 reporting.  35% of respondents were unsure whether their ACA compliance strategy would be changing in the wake of the election results. Although there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how employers are moving forward with their ACA compliance strategies, it’s important to remember that the current regulations and accompanying penalties are still in place and employers are required to comply with the ACA’s:

  • Employer Shared Responsibility requirements
  • Information Reporting requirements

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