ICYMI: Our Top 6 Webinars on ACA Subsidy Management

ICYMI: Our Top 6 Webinars on ACA Subsidy Management Without question, 2016 brought new compliance challenges for HR professionals.  One of the more recent challenges facing employers is the ongoing management of Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidy notifications and appeals. Because subsidies (also known as Premium Tax Credits) are the trigger for fines and you only have 30 days to respond to subsidy notices, it’s imperative that this process is managed correctly and efficiently. In 2016, the Equifax ACA team conducted numerous webinars and provided resources to help educate employers on the subsidy notification and appeals process.  In case you missed them, here are the top six ACA Subsidy webinars available on-demand: ACA Update for Employers: Employee Subsidies and IRS Fines This webinar provides you with an overview of the subsidy application and appeal processes and how subsidies might translate into IRS fines down the road. An Employer’s Perspective on ACA Subsidy Appeals and Employee Communication This webinar walks through the “nuts and bolts” of the subsidy process, discusses options available to employers when receiving Marketplace notices, and provides best practices on handling subsidy appeals.  Decoding ACA – IRS Reporting and Subsidy Management This webinar provides examples of complex employment scenarios and how they play out in terms of 1095-C reporting. Learn best practices for data collection and management, Form 1095-C distribution, and subsidy appeals management. Piecing Together ACA: Reporting, Subsidy Appeals, and Employee Education This webinar provides tips to help prevent Form 1095-C errors, ideas for developing a plan to get ahead of employees’ 1095-C confusion, and strategies for handling sensitive subsidy appeal discussions with employees. Spotlight on ACA Subsidies This webinar provides real-life examples of challenges that employers have faced, best practices learned from processing subsidies for Equifax clients, and suggestions for educating and communicating with employees about subsidies. What’s Next for ACA: Subsidy Notifications and Appeals This webinar provides an overview of the importance of handling subsidy notifications correctly and what can happen if things go awry. To learn more about our ACA Management Solutions, visit our website or contact us at ACAcompliance@equifax.com.  

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