New Year, New Employee State Forms

Are you aware of the new HR employee state forms as of January 1, 2022? Here's information on how to be better prepared.

We hope you are welcoming the beginning of 2022 and seeing it as a fresh start for you and your organization. A new year always brings new changes, challenges, and opportunities for HR and this year is no exception. 

HR professionals like you are trying to navigate the confusion around vaccine mandates and the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases. You may also be affected by the rising minimum wages in 21 states and 35 cities and counties that went into place January 1, 2022. These increases apply to lower wage positions, those that are currently churning, and organizations are struggling to fill. More increases are coming later in the year, so affected employers need to be prepared to keep up with the latest requirements so their businesses aren’t disrupted further.   

Another change you may be surprised to hear is some states have added or amended state forms for your employees. Here are three you should be aware of right now: 

  1. Connecticut Paid Leave - While withholding and notice requirements began January 1, 2021, employees who are eligible can begin collecting payments January 1, 2022.

  2. Massachusetts Family Medical Leave Law - While already a state requirement, new rates for employer withholding began January 1, 2022.

  3. Oregon Paid Family Leave - Required payroll tax withholding began January 1, 2022, while employees will be eligible for benefits starting January 1, 2023.

One of the more challenging aspects of the onboarding process involves managing all the new hire notification requirements, which can be difficult to track, yet must be implemented correctly to help protect your organization. Potential fines for noncompliance can be steep, so keeping up with changes while still making the onboarding experience smooth for your new hires is crucial. 

If your organization has an opportunity to streamline efficiencies while helping you manage your state new hire forms or other aspects of onboarding, reach out to our subject matter experts from Equifax Workforce Solutions. For even more insights, subscribe to The Workforce Wise™ blog for updates, best practices, and tips you can use to enhance your onboarding process.

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