Simplify Your Separation Paperwork

17 Minutes

Listen to our podcast, Simplify Your Separation Paperwork, to learn more about how the right technology can help your organization better manage your HR offboarding forms. HR professionals know all too well the mountain of paperwork that comes along with hiring a new employee. But often the offboarding process doesn’t receive the same attention and support. Did you know that several states require separation notices that must be sent to termed employees? Improper management of those forms may result in fines to your organization. In addition, many employers have their own separation paperwork which can lead to additional burden and a disjointed experience for the exiting employee. Hear our subject matter experts discuss the new Offboarding Forms service from Equifax Workforce Solutions and learn:
  • Why an employee’s exit experience should be important to your organization
  • What types of forms are most often required by states, plus employer-specific forms that you are likely to distribute
  • How the rise in remote workers complicates the paperwork required 

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Offboarding Forms Solution

Manage state separation notices and add your own custom offboarding forms into one easy digital packet.

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