The HR Outlook for Vaccine Mandates - Information for Employers

35 Minutes

During our podcast, our speaker Henry Perlowski, a Partner with Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, discusses the current state of the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), litigation around it, and what he thinks might be happening in the next few months. 

Topics include:
  • Deciding if certain segments of your employees need to be vaccinated vs. eligible for testing requirements
  • How state mandates come into play
  • How communication with your employees can be a key to your success
  • The importance of knowing exactly where your employees are working right now
  • Whether you should immediately terminate someone who is noncompliant
Listen today to learn more about how you can help prepare your organization for these mandates.

Henry Perlowski is a partner in the Litigation practice, chair of the Employment Practice, co-chair of the Oil & Gas industry team, and a member of the Background Screening and Hospitals & Health Systems industry teams at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. He helps employers, employer service providers and boards of directors solve their most complex legal dilemmas. Nationally, Henry serves as lead counsel in litigation across thirty jurisdictions, taking dozens of cases to verdict before juries and arbitration tribunals. He is acting outside general counsel and a key attorney for clients in the background screening, employee benefits, energy, and healthcare industries. Henry advises management teams, leading the negotiation of employment contracts, equity, and other benefits in corporate acquisitions.
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