Tips for a Successful Internal  I-9 Audit

17 Minutes

Tips for a Successful Internal I-9 Audit

An internal I-9 audit can help your organization find issues, make corrections, and improve your processes to better prepare your organization for an ICE audit. Get tips from our I-9 pros on steps you should take today to help get your I-9s in order.

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This checklist guides you through steps you can take today to help start getting your I-9 processes in shape.


FORM I-9 Reverifications, Retention and Rehires Journey
Our team reviews common mistakes and misperceptions around Form I-9 to help you get and keep your I-9s in order.
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I-9 Audit survival guide
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audits are on the rise. Be ready for an I-9 audit with this free I-9 Audit Survival Guide.


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I-9 Inspect

See how you can gain better confidence in your I-9s with our automated I-9 audit.