Why Unemployment Benefit Charge Checking Shouldn’t
be Overlooked

14 Minutes

Why Unemployment Benefit Charge Checking Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Unfortunately, state unemployment divisions do make errors from time to time and charge employers incorrectly for unemployment benefits. For many employers, these overpayments can have significant financial consequences. But how do you know when some unemployment benefit charges are valid and others are not? Listen now to hear from our unemployment experts as they break down the tricky uncovering of overpayments.
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Best Practices for an Unemployment Hearing Training Video
Preparation is key if you hope to protect your organization from an unjustified charge in an unemployment hearing.
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Employer's Guide to Unemployment Hearing Case Analysis eBook
Dive into 12 unemployment hearings where we examine evidence from both the claimant and the employer.
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Unemployment Mock Hearing - Verbal Abuse in the Workplace
Review real unemployment hearings to understand steps your team should take before and during an unemployment hearing.

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Reduce your burden and the total cost of managing unemployment claims with one of the nation’s leading providers.

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