Work Opportunity
Tax Credit Management

Get the most out of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Tap our proprietary technology to help simplify the process, identify more WOTC eligible employees, and capture more tax credits for your company.


Combined technology and industry experience to help maximize your organization’s tax credits.
Benefits OF WOTC for HR


Our screening delivers a better experience and removes confusing barriers that cause applicants to incorrectly disqualify.


In nearly 97% of cases, we can obtain all of the needed documentation without burdening your employees with follow up requests.*


On-demand WOTC scenario forecast analysis using real-time WOTC program data compared against industry average estimates.
Benefits of wotc for tax teams

Dedicated Support

Beyond a dedicated support team, you’ll have government and WOTC professionals monitoring and advocating tax credits on your behalf.

Advanced Data and Reporting

Increase speed and rate of certifications with unique state connections and automated job start dates with The Work Number®.


On-demand analysis and cash flow projections, using historical and real-time WOTC program data, presented in a visual report.

*From full year 2015 Equifax certification data

Behind the Numbers


The percentage of applicants we can help you screen.


The average percentage* of cases in which we obtain all the WOTC certification documentation you need without contacting you.

*From full year 2015 Equifax certification data


The number of government workforce agencies we can connect with and speak to on your behalf when you employ our WOTC solution.


The maximum credit you could earn per eligible WOTC employee.


The maximum number of days you have to submit a WOTC certification request. With us, that number isn’t so scary.


Roughly the amount of money employers claim in tax credits each year under the WOTC program.

WOTC Calculator

See how much our WOTC management tool could save your company.

This is how much our WOTC management tool could help you save annually.*

Sources: Average percent certified by industry is based on 2016 Equifax data. Average certification value by industry is based on 2012-2016 Equifax data. 
Assumptions: Calculations based on a 95% screening rate and a 30% eligibility rate.

*Potential credits are only an estimate, and Equifax does not guarantee any WOTC return. Credit availability is based on issues outside of the control of Equifax, including actions of governmental agencies and Equifax clients.

See how our WOTC Management can help your organization get the most out of your WOTC while saving you and your team time. 
Get WOTC Tips From the Pros


WOTC: Fact vs. Fiction. We’ve busted six of the biggest WOTC myths that could stop you from maximizing your savings.


Proven WOTC Best Practices for Day 1 Success. Get tips from industry pros to help you make an impact on your WOTC program. 

White Paper

Dual Value of WOTC. In addition to increasing income there are other benefits to WOTC, including helping to reduce turnover. 

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Connect with us and we’ll show you how we can help improve your WOTC tax credit program.
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